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Invest smarter for greater impact

We empower customers with diverse finance options, enabling them to align their CSI spend with SDG goals and drive a greater impact of their spend in Education.

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Tailored finance solutions for CSI

Our tailored solutions empower corporates to obtain essential equipment without initial capital outlay. This approach not only frees up cash reserves but also enhances the impact of our customers' CSI spend in education.

Renting offers controlled-cost usage and upgrades to the latest, most relevant technology, without the budget implications and administrative burden of ownership. Rental agreements give you additional end-of contract options and upgrading them or extending the lease.

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dynamic growth

  • Allows business cash to be used for growth

    Businesses can use their available cash reserves to invest in growth opportunities or other operational needs instead of allocating them entirely to CSI spend.

  • Flexible payment options – no deposit required

    ITM Finance allows clients to initiate their CSI projects without the need for an initial deposit, facilitating smoother financial management.

  • Maximises your purchasing power

    Clients can maximise the value of their CSI investments and enable them to undertake larger projects or initiatives with their current budget.