The Dung Beetle

Despite its diminutive size, the dung beetle is tantamount to strength, power, tenacity and determination. We chose this as our mascot for all the right reasons. Read the full story below:

The legend of our mascot – The Dung Beetle
The dung beetle, despite its diminutive size, is tantamount to strength, power, tenacity and determination. Leading experts have named the dung beetle the world’s strongest insect.

The dung beetle has a disposal capacity that is 250 times heavier than itself, which is equivalent to a person pulling 6 fully laden double-decker buses, making it truly extraordinary. It is believed that the dung beetle has been in existence for 40 million years.

Like the dung beetle that is secure in its strength, iTMaster is passionate about its vision to become a world-class ICT company. A company of choice based on its superior service offerings, ethos, and zeal for success. iTMaster’s strength is in its people and its ability to listen and ultimately exceed client’s expectations.

Like the dung beetle, iTMaster has the strength and vigour to exceed expectations and plan on being around for generations to come.

Dung Beetle, iTMaster is honoured and proud to elect you as its mascot.

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