Microsoft Minecraft - Education Edition

Explore, investigate, and create a world of learning through play. Game-based learning assists and enable the youth to be future-ready. By nurturing a passion for play, we create a future of problem-solving, creativity, and systems thinking. Minecraft will ensure meaningful learning, prepare social-emotional skills, and enable computational thinking for the digital future.

Interactive game-based learning with Microsoft Minecraft Education Edition

Unlock new ways of learning with Minecraft. The Microsoft 365 platform program is a great tool to implement in educating all K12 institutions. Minecraft can be used for all ages, who can access different levels and features on the platform. Learning content and curriculum guides across all subjects will ensure that the platform can be utilized for various methods of learning for educators.

Learn to teach with Minecraft, find activities to engage your learners in various subjects, and join a new and fun way of teaching. Whether you are new to Minecraft or looking to improve your skills, these training materials will help you bring innovative and creative education to your classroom.

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