iTMaster Consulting

Planning Services

Without granular planning your ICT landscape will face some challenges. Planning is of critical importance, not only for operational stability but also when embarking on new technology projects.

At iTMaster we deliver planning services that supports your business goals and enable your ICT staff to leverage technology to its maximum potential.

Services we offer include the following

  • Master Systems Plans
  • IT Strategy
  • Advisory Services
  • ICT Auditing

Business Continuity Programmes

Our clients enjoy the benefits of total confidence and peace of mind because their business continuity programmes are developed with people, process and technology in mind. Compliant to ISO 22301 standards, the programmes we provide is of the highest quality.

People are the cornerstone of any business and therefor it is crucial to understand exactly what they bring to your business and what will happen if they are not available anymore.

Our clients are educated and assisted in developing business processes that have continuity as a critical aspect.

Technology is the part where we bring knowledge and experience to the table.

We offer

  • Dedicated disaster recovery sites and data centres
  • Rearchitected of information system
  • Cloud Recovery Sites